Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Daniel!


Look who had a birthday!



I cannot believe this little dude is THREE YEARS OLD!! 

The birthday boy spent his morning at preschool.  Then he got to eat out,



open presents,


and try out his new hearing aids!!



Daniel is a curious and busy, busy boy.  He is on the go ALL. DAY. LONG.  (But he does take nice, long naps still.)

Here are some of his favorites right now:

Animals: rhinoceros, horse

Things to do: tease, RUN, read books, play outside

Toys: books, blocks, anything off limits Smile

Food: bananas, crackers

Words: up, bye, drop, Grandpa/ma

We are so thankful to have this boy in our lives.  He is such a precious blessing, and every day we are learning to be a little more like him. 


We can hardly wait to see what the next year will bring!

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  1. I must have missed this post, but Happy Birthday Dan the man!!