Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching Up…Again!


I can’t ever seem to stay caught up these days.  Too much going on, too little time…we all know how it goes!!

At the end of April, I finished drapes for our family room windows.  I love them.  A lot!

04-2014-Drapes 1


I have also finished drapes for our sliding glass door.  They have been laying on the floor in the basement while we figure out a way to hang them.   Stay tuned for a picture when we figure out a solution and get them hung!

Daniel continues to amuse and entertain us on a daily basis.  This kid has some serious moves and animal sounds!


And he’s not too shabby in Mom’s sunglasses, either!



Daniel has been loving his new preschool, especially the aide assigned to him.  His name is JJ, and he adores Daniel.  I am glad there is someone who cares so much about him and his progress.

We were able to attend Emily’s final orchestra concert.  Her group did a great job.  She is sad to not have time in her schedule for orchestra next year.  I was lucky to get this picture of her, as she and her friend were doing a great job of turning their backs to me whenever I attempted a shot.



Rachel participated in her first grade program at school.  She did a fantastic job!  It was fun to hear her singing and humming the songs over the past month as her class learned them.  She got a speaking part that included thanking parents and helpers for all their support.  She is such a cutie pie!




Caleb’s kindergarten day got shortened by 30 minutes for the last two weeks of school.  So he got to tag along to a couple of audiology appointments for Daniel.  He loves coming because there are so many fun toys!



He continues to crack us up on a daily basis with his funny thoughts and killer one-liners.  He is spending most of his free time with his friend across the culdesac, who also happens to have the same name.  Makes for some confusing moments!!

Josh participated in his school’s award ceremony.  He received awards for Honor Roll (all 4 quarters on the Honor Roll), Citizenship, and a couple for his hard work in math.  (And with 2/3 of a smile, I’d say Mom won the picture-taking battle!)



Phew!  I think that gets us caught up.  But with the last few days of school, and everything that goes along with them, it won’t last long! I’m going to enjoy the feeling until my brain realizes otherwise!

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  1. It's so fun to get your updates on here! I love your curtains, how fun. And your kids are all darling! Love from your Thomas cousins!