Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

We spent the morning on our 2nd annual cemetery tour.  We were happy to see (and feel) that the weather had improved drastically from the cold and rainy weekend we had.  And it was much improved from last year’s on-and-off snow.

Grandma L. accompanied us on our tour this year.  We were glad to have her, though her ears (and psyche) are probably grateful to be in the peace and quiet of her own home now!

Daniel enjoyed a tour-length nap in his carseat.  Thus, he is absent from pictures – and I didn’t think I could Photoshop him in!

We began our tour at the gravesite for Jared’s grandparents and great-grandparents (as well as a few other extended family members).


Rachel and Caleb scurried from flower pot to flower pot, enjoying the smells of each new variety of plant.


They were all delighted to see a cute little chipmunk scurrying up and down trees (he was too fast for me to get any pictures).  The best moment of all was when the talented little critter successfully landed a death-defying jump from the limb of one tree to the branch of another. 

We next visited the grave of Martin Harris, one of the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon.


The highlight for Caleb was…wait for it…the DRINKING FOUNTAIN!  Ya gotta watch out or it will hit ya right in the eye!


The wind really picked up, making the temperature a little chilly, so we didn’t stay long.


Our last stop of the day was to see the gravesite of James Willie, captain of the 4th Handcart Company of Mormon pioneers that crossed the plains in 1856.  We watched “17 Miracles” recently, so it was neat to be able to make a real-life connection with this man.


The kids spent several minutes exploring a headstone that was made to look like a pillow.



Snow-capped mountains around us.


We also saw Capt. Willie’s house as we were leaving.  That’s an old rickety handcart just behind the fence.


We’re so thankful for the many people who have gone before us and made it possible for us to have so many of the blessings we currently enjoy.  We’re thankful for the legacy they left us and the example they gave us.  We hope we can repay them as we try to emulate the lives they lived.

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