Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Caleb is Four!

Holy cow!  This CRAZY kid…


…is four years old today!!  Now that he’s four he has amazing new skills, AND he’s gonna be in preschool!

He got to open the world’s tiniest gift from Emily…and he loved every second of it.


He loves the swords.  I’m predicting major parental regret!


Just one of his many new 4-year-old skills…waiting patiently for the next present.


He pulled his 4-year-old card at the store today, when he reminded me that I said he could walk (instead of riding in a cart) when he’s four.  Man, I’m in TROUBLE with this one!

But how could I ever say “NO” to this face??


I’d say the Captain America gear was a big win!  (The shield even doubles as a frisbee!)


I think he is enjoying himself, because he’s four, you know!


Man, oh man, we love this kid!  He is one laugh after another, which is a good balance to all the injuries he gets.  He is sweet and spunky and smart and so stinking funny.  And he’s a major heartbreaker with his gigantic smile and dimpled right cheek.

Happy birthday Caleb!  We love you to the moon and back!

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