Sunday, May 13, 2012

12 Month Update – New Skills!

I know it’s Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s Day!! – and I should be posting about being a mom, loving my mom and lots of gushy stuff like that.  But the only thing gushy today is my stuffy nose!  I have a head cold that feels like it’s as big as New Jersey and I can barely think straight.  I have been wanting to get this post up (I wrote it a few days ago) but have been hoping to grab some pictures.  It hasn’t happened, and Daniel will soon be 13 months old, so it’s going up tonight.

Stats from Daniel’s 12-month well check:

Weight: 17 lbs. 10 oz. (20th percentile)

Height: 27 inches (5th percentile)

Head:  (50th percentile)

The doc. was super impressed with how good he looked and with what he’s doing.  And alas – he agrees with me about the sleep apnea thing!  So perhaps I’m not THAT mom who thinks her kid has everything in the book, and of course she knows better than the doctor!  (But having sleep apnea sure is no consolation.  I’d rather be wrong.)

Daniel’s latest trick is getting himself into a sitting position!!  He gets up on all fours – like he’s going to take off crawling – and backs into it.  Perhaps a little unconventional, but it works and gets him where he wants to be.  He’s getting super close to four-point (hands and knees) crawling as well.

He can also pull himself to a kneel at the bottom step, and he cruises along the couch with a little support.  He loves to walk everywhere while holding onto our hands/fingers.  He’s going to just take off one day.

He eats.  And eats.  And eats.  He doesn’t know when to stop.  We recently discovered that he loves rhubarb crisp and is completely unfazed by the tartness.  He also loves the wood chips at the park.  And paper.

He loves to clap his hands and flap his arms like a little hummingbird when he gets excited.  Video will be coming soon.

He loves to have his hand rubbed up and down daddy’s whiskers.  Sometimes he rubs my face.  It’s not nearly as fun though.

He enjoys books, and I think he’s tired of the “baby” toys we have to keep him entertained.  He much prefers a pile of laundry, an open tote full of anything, a shoe, or itty-bitty paper scraps found in the darkest corners of the room he’s in. 

**As of last night, this is Daniel’s latest and greatest new trick:


He pulled himself to standing and then climbed onto the top of this plastic tote (about shin high on me)!!  And he did it over and over and over.  Perhaps my favorite Mother’s Day gift ever.

I also realized that he is waving Hi/Bye pretty accurately.  And he’s blowin’ raspberries like crazy.

Have a great week!

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