Monday, May 28, 2012

Daniel is Back!

Daniel had a rough couple of weeks with ears being infected and plugged and a sinus infection.  On-and-off fevers and constant drainage pretty much wiped him out.   It was a long couple of weeks, and so sad to see him laying around and barely able to even hold his head up. I was feeling pretty bad about wiping his nose 149 times a day. After a couple doses of antibiotics (and a major torture session from the ENT), his smile returned and his regular self re-emerged.   (The ENT said, “He’s done well aside from this hasn’t he?” Uh, no. I wouldn’t consider a once-a-month visit to the ENT for clogged tubes and infected ears “doing well.” )

How' ‘bout a round of applause for feeling better!!!


He is feeling so much better that he can actually sit up and play again!  This mom is so happy to see his smile and energy back.

Oh, hi Mom!!  Nice to see you without a kleenex in your hand!


Here’s to hoping we can stay out of the ENT’s office for longer than a month!

And Happy Memorial Day to all of you!

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  1. Clap, clap. We are cheering for you, Daniel!