Thursday, July 7, 2011

Advancement & Fun

Josh has been in Cub Scouts for roughly 11 months.  And it ONLY took him 10 of those months to complete the requirements to earn his Wolf!  If someone in this family would have been more on top of things {I’m not naming names!} he would have been done AT LEAST 6 months ago.  Someone was nice enough to snap this photo with our camera.  We look like quite the stair steps!


I love Cub Scouts for a few reasons, among them being the funny “cheers” they use to congratulate each other on accomplishments.  Every time they give a “round of applause” or a “high five” or whatever silly thing they can come up with, I smile and think how fun and carefree it is to be a kid.

I love Cub Scouts because it gives Josh a very productive outlet for all his boy-ness.  I love that it encourages creativity, respect, and team work.  I love that he gets to work one-on-one with me or Jared.

Josh and Jared worked together to make a boat for the Raingutter Regatta.  This was a new event to me.  I had only ever experienced the Pinewood Derby before.


As you can see, the name of his boat is, “The tacos!  More tacos! Taco Shell 200000!”  I think that taco shell sitting on the counter was very inspiring for him!


He had a great time propelling his little blue boat down the length of the raingutters, and he even won the “Spiciest Boat” award.

Rachel and Caleb provided the entertainment for the evening, as they went from finger-dipping to full-blown swimming in the little pool they had for boats to wait in.  Never a dull moment!

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