Monday, July 11, 2011

What Have I Accomplished Today?

I have spent the *WHOLE* day (minus 60 minutes for swimming lessons and 30 minutes for lunch) working on 2 tasks.

Task 1: Find a hotel for our upcoming stay in Denver.  Slow.  Slow.  Slow.  Call a hotel…check rates…do they have a University Rate (Jared has some classes for work).  Make a reservation.  Cancel a reservation.  Read reviews.  Change my mind.  Wash and repeat.

And the verdict…still trying to find something that is *just right* and wondering if there is such a thing!  {Call me picky, but I just don’t like dumpy hotels!}

Task 2: Worry about clothing for our family pictures, which will happen next week.  Everything is purchased and laid out, and I almost altered Emily’s shirt.  And then I decided it was not quite the right shade of orange.  Too bright.  Too peachy.  Whatever.  Check online.  Check each store, 10 times AT LEAST, because maybe there will be something new since I looked an hour ago.  Maybe?!?  Or am I just trying to force inspiration?  Hmmm…  Go through drawers.  Throw hands up in frustration.  Think, think, think some more.

The verdict…let’s try a white shirt with a scarf!  Maybe, just maybe…

So, what have I accomplished today?  Not a whole lot!! (But I have kept a baby fed and a supply of milk in the fridge!)

And all I *really* wanted to do today was play with my new toy some more.

Tomorrow…there’s always tomorrow…

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  1. Don't feel too bad. We all have days like that. :) I hope you find a good hotel soon. What kind of camera did you get?