Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Seven short weeks ago, a perfect gift came into our lives.  Perfect in every sense of the word.  And on Sunday we were blessed to be a part of a most special day, as Daniel was blessed by his Daddy.


I’ll not soon forget the feelings of the day.  Peace, comfort, happiness, joy, pride, adoration, humility.  Although the blessing was given to Daniel, I truly believe that we have received the greater blessing by having him come to our family.


And while it feels like we’ve been brought into our own little wilderness - an unfamiliar place that is, at times, difficult to navigate – little by little I can see the place where we really are. 

SDC17015 SDC17038

We’re in our own little land of Bountiful, and it is a rich land, with people and experiences prepared just for us to help us as we make our way.  We are truly blessed to be in such a wonderful place!

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