Thursday, January 6, 2011


In the interest of being positive, here’s my list of things I *LOVE* about January!

1.  I don’t have to worry about how the yard looks – everyone’s looks the same!

2.  Since it’s so stinkin’ cold, I don’t feel as guilty staying in my PJs for a good part of the day.

3.  There are rarely any sales people that stop by and wake someone up from a nap.

4.  There are no birthdays (at least in our family) and no major holidays to shop for.

5.  I can make soup for dinner several times a week and get away with it.  Which means I can make lots of cinnamon rolls and not feel guilty!

6.  Since it’s so stinkin’ cold, I have no desire to leave the house, so Caleb is getting potty trained!!!!  (Maybe we won’t be changing diapers on two kids after all?!)

7.   I actually feel the DESIRE to clean my house (now that doesn’t mean I actually DO the cleaning)!

8.  Since it’s so stinkin’ cold, and the air is usually bad, we get fog, which makes the trees so beautiful and frosty.  (I’m not exactly sure of the cause and effect in this situation – maybe it’s the air quality being so bad that causes the stinkin’ cold and the fog??)

9.  By the time January is over, winter SHOULD be half way done.

10.  The rock chucks are hibernating, and thus not eating the garden and pooping all over the yard.

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