Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Stuff

I don’t think we’ve remembered (or even had a chance) to show this to anyone.  It’s pretty darn cute, but I wish we could see his entire face!  He is snuggled right up into the placenta, and since it’s on the front, it’s hard to get a good picture of him.  This was from our ultrasound in December.  (I’m pretty sure he has an arm…I think it just looks like it’s cut off with the way things scan!)


I have spent a lot of time looking over all the pictures we have, from this baby and also from Rachel and Caleb (we got one or two LOUSY pictures for Emily and Josh, and the rest on VHS…haha).  Looking back, the 3-D ultrasound pictures of Rachel and Caleb look nothing like them as babies (they were a waaaay cuter in person!), so I expect that to hold true for this baby as well. 

Other than this, we’ve hardly seen his face.  They seem to be all-business about ultrasounds these days!  The other kids have great profile shots, and we hardly get to see anything besides organs with this little guy.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad we get to see those, I just want to see his face!  I know we have at least a couple more ultrasounds in the near future, so maybe I’ll get brave and ask for a profile shot at one of them.

We’re all getting anxious to meet this little guy.  Rachel is especially weary of the wait, thus I hear, “Why is the baby taking sooo looong to come out??” almost daily!  But as much as I’d like to meet him, he better keep on baking until after April 15th (which is actually the 18th this year…grrrrrrr)!!  We’re going to have enough excitement at that point as it is!

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  1. Wow! I didn't even know you were expecting! Congrats! I hope the baby stays put until after tax season!