Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Preview

We had a Pre-Christmas Party with my family on Dec. 6. We had so much FuN, and I got some really cute shots of the kids, so I just have to blog about it! Unfortunately, we were missing a few important people. Jared was home doing tithing settlement, and Greg, Brooke and their kids were home in North Carolina having a baby!

It was so fun just to be together. This was the first time we had seen Isabelle in person (she was born 6 days before Caleb), and this was the first time Andy and his family had seen Caleb. I should have taken a picture of the two of them together! Mental Note!

The kids had a great time making sugar cookies. I think they had the most fun just rolling and re-rolling and re-rolling the dough! Edible playdough!

The kids also made cards for Grandma to take to Max, Lauren and Tommy in North Carolina. It was sad to have them so far away!
Of course it's fun to open gifts. Emily has really started to catch the Christmas spirit. She has been so excited to just see others' faces as they open gifts. So sweet!

We saw the whole range of Rachel personalities: sweet, impish, and embarrassed. See for yourself!

I so wish we could all live closer! We always have such a great time together. My family is wonderful, and I love you all!
Merry Christmas!!!

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