Sunday, January 26, 2014

Help Wanted


This is Rachel’s note to the tooth fairy last night:



(Dear Tooth Fairy, you didn’t come to me last night.  I was hoping that you would come to me tonight.  From Rachel)

That is one epic Tooth Fairy fail right there!  Our Tooth Fairy is so lame!!  It’s high time we look for a replacement.

Tooth Fairy Requirements

  • Must be punctual.
  • Good working memory.
  • Being sneaky and creative are a must.
  • Must have significant cash flow, in the form of dollar bills, available at all times. (Lots and lots of quarters are acceptable.  Pennies, dimes and nickels are not.)
  • Must be able to start ASAP and willing to work late-night or early-morning shifts.
  • No pay.  (But blessings in the form of toothless smiles are abundant!)

This is the 7th tooth Rachel has lost, and the 5th since starting 1st grade.  Three of them have come out during school!!  Whoever gets the job is going to be worked to the bone!

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