Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Blew It! – {31 for 21}


Oh man, I totally blew the 31 for 21 thing this year.  It’s OK though.  I knew I likely wouldn’t be able to keep up.  Our life is slightly crazy with 5 kids (who, for some reason, need to be fed and clothed and taken places…go figure!) and continued house projects (we’re STILL in the process of getting our garage cleaned out so we can park in it) and everything in between.

One particularly busy day in late September, I was in the mad rush of trying to get Rachel and Caleb out the door to school, and Daniel and myself out the door to a class, when I got a phone call.  Half-tempted to let it ring, I decided I had better just answer it.  It was the secretary at Josh’s school, and I knew in an instant that the day was NOT going to run according to plan.  Josh had had an accident – a collision with the soccer goal during PE – and it looked like he needed stitches.  I got Caleb and Rachel off to school, made a few phone calls, and took Daniel with me to pick up Josh.  Sure enough, he needed stitches.




After we dropped Daniel off with Grandma (thanks, Grandma!!) we ran to the urgent care center to get Josh taken care of.  He was very patient with all their poking and prodding, and very brave with the shot to numb the area (he said he couldn’t even feel it).  Ninety minutes later he walked out with three stitches and the beginnings of a black eye.




I am so thankful it turned out to be nothing worse.  I had imagined several horrible things once I had been told he’d had an accident.  And I was actually more worried about a possible head injury, to be completely honest.  Reality turned out so much better than my worries!!

This is only the second time Josh has had a “major” injury – the first being a broken wrist just days before Daniel was born.  And this is the first time the PE teacher has had a student with an injury requiring stitches in her entire career.

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