Friday, October 11, 2013

Energizer Bunny?? – {31 for 21}


As far as gross motor skills go, Daniel is pretty much on target.  And he makes sure we know it every single day.

Exhibit A: The Piano Perch



Exhibit B: The Milk Mess



Exhibit C: The Slide and Climb Maneuver



The boy has literally turned into the kid who doesn’t stop! He’s following a little too closely in the footsteps of a boy we affectionately call “Tornado.” A typical day with Daniel consists of keeping him away from the garbage can, keeping him from climbing on the stove, cleaning up messes from the garbage can, pulling wads of toilet paper out of the toilet, washing his hands every 3.27 minutes, keeping him off the kitchen table (or keeping him safe while he’s there), moving chairs back to the table after he has pushed them to where he wants to climb, mad signing when he sees something he’s interested in (like a car or a horse), and picking up the droves of toys, books and anything else he feels like throwing down the stairs. Then there’s the not-so-physically intense stuff: reading books, playing with a few toys, and singing the same three songs over and over and over. He just keeps going and going and going…. By 10 a.m. I’m beat!! (How have I made it through this phase this many times?!?!)

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