Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tee Ball

Every year we tell Caleb and Rachel that we’re going to sign them up for Tee ball.  This year we actually remembered to do it!!  They had a blast playing, but I think we had waaaay more fun watching.  With every ball hit into the field, a gigantic pile-up ensued that involved practically every kid on the field…even some from the other team!  Occasionally the batter would run after the ball he/she just hit.  And seeing their base running was like watching a drunk person!

They both loved hitting…


And running…




Fielding was a different story though (unless the ball was close enough to get in on the pile-up)!



Everyone hits.  Everyone runs.  Everyone scores.  Sportsmanship, team players, and lots of fun!



And don’t forget the trophies.  And treats too!




Our faithful companion at most of the games.  Loves his dad.  Hates the heat.


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