Thursday, July 11, 2013


Emily completed her third year of slow-pitch softball this week.  She has loved playing and learning new skills.  She was one of only 3 people on her team that had played before!

Meet the Sapphires!



Emily played catcher quite frequently her first two seasons.  Catcher is a position she hasn’t really enjoyed, mostly because of her glasses.  Too hard to get that mask on and off!  I can’t say as I blame her, though.  I hated playing catcher when I played softball too (but I think it was more because I was terrified of getting clobbered by a bat).  This year she got to play every position except catcher and pitcher.

The season was a short one – only 6 games.  And she missed two of those while at Girls’ Camp.  She got some great hits in the games she played, though,




I know she wishes the season was a little longer.  We had lots of fun watching and seeing the improvement she has made as a player.

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  1. Great summer ball posts!! I bet it's been some busy evenings.