Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Caleb Had a Birthday!

Our little tornado is growing up!



He’s five years old now, which means he’s five times as fast and five times as sneaky!  Can’t you see it on that cute little mug?!?!  Believe me when I say that this kid is a constant ball of energy until he crashes into bed at night.


Gosh, I just LOVE that dimple!  Between that and those eyes with their ridiculously-long eyelashes, I’m done for!

We had a fun time celebrating together as a family.  It was an ETERNITY for him to wait for Dad to get home from work so he could open his presents.  I think the wait was worth it, though.



Even Daniel was a tad bit excited for presents!  (Silly boy won’t keep his glasses on these days.)



After a fun day, which also included a T-ball game, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, and doughnuts for the birthday treat, we got down to the business of getting ready for a friend party.  The last friend party this house will see for a very, very, very long time!!  Six 5-year-old boys, plus the rest of our kids, made for a totally crazy 90 minutes!  (I can only imagine what preschool was like with these boys!!)

Caleb thought a Lego party – like Josh had – would be the best party EVER!!  Before the craziness ensued, I was able to snap a few pictures of the hard work.



Just like with Josh’s party last year, these chocolate-covered marshmallow Lego heads seemed to be the hit of the party.




The boys (and Rachel) had fun building creations to race down a track set on the stairs.



They also found hidden minifigures throughout the house, ate plenty of goodies, tormented a certain 12-year-old, built towers as tall as they possibly could, and pinned the badge on the minfigure.


Not to mention opening presents, coloring faces on Lego heads, and getting into a bit of boyish mischief.  I think they had a great time.

To wrap up this post, here are FIVE THINGS about Caleb:

  • He loves anything that involves superheroes.  Spiderman, Superman, GI Joe…he doesn’t discriminate.
  • Like his older brother, he has a memory like an elephant and can always remember funny details about different items or events.
  • He is quite the twig because he is such a ball of energy.  He can eat with the best of them, though.
  • He can ride his bike without training wheels, as long as someone helps him get going.
  • He loves to color and is very good at staying right inside the lines.

We love you Mr. Tornado!  You sure keep us on our toes!  We’re glad to have your energy and enthusiasm to inspire us and keep us all moving!

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