Sunday, May 5, 2013

Princess Party

Rachel finally got to have her first friend party to celebrate her 6th birthday.  She was so excited!  The girl has been reminding me for at least 6 months that I promised we’d do a friend party this year!!

She knew right away that she wanted to have a Princess party.  NO BOYS ALLOWED!!  Believe me, I tried to convince her to invite the princes too, as there are a couple of boys in her class with whom she is really good friends.  She politely shot down that idea without hesitation!

This really does say Happy Birthday. The light pink ended up being a little too light, so you can’t see the white letters very well.



The girls decorated princess wands to start.



Then they played “Keep the poisonous balloon from touching the ground.”  I was going to have them use their wands for that, but forgot that there was glue on the wands that needed to dry.  So they used their hands or paper plates.  I was surprised how much they loved doing this!



They LOVED getting to kiss a frog…though a couple of them were a little hesitant about the lipstick at first.  Rachel had no problems with laying a big one on the fat fella!



Wicked Queen freeze tag was also a hit.  Man, I wish I had half the energy!!  After they’d each had a turn being the Wicked Queen, it was time for goodies.  Funny enough, I think the jelly beans (inside the jar where I put the star wands) were the biggest hit!



Pink princess cupcakes were pretty tasty though.



Pink princess punch and some ice cream topped it all off.  Mmmm, mmmm, goooood!!  I’m so glad I have Pinterest and the internet in my life.  I got all my ideas and printables for free, and thank goodness too!  I’m no good in the creativity department, but I’m a pro at copying someone else’s ideas!

One more birthday party for the year, and then we’re on friend party hiatus.  For a looooong time!

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