Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

After a delicious breakfast of homemade crepes filled with berries and cream cheese spread, we (mostly Jared, with some help from Josh and a bit from me) spent the morning installing shelving in the mudroom closet.  It was all done by lunchtime – hooray!  Now it just needs some love from the caulk gun and a little touch up paint.  Cross off another project on our very long list of things to do!!

We sat down for lunch and then hit the cemeteries.  Jared and Emily spent some time Saturday evening looking up the burial sites for ancestors we hadn’t previously visited.  They found several of Jared’s ancestors at three cemeteries in the valley, and they even found a set belonging to my side of the family!

First off, we visited Jared’s grandparents and great-grandparents.05-2013-Memorial-Day-1


More of Jared’s ancestors, Magnus and Martha Holm.



My only ancestors (that we know of) buried in the same cemetery!  These are my 3rd great-grandparents, Hans and Marie Hansen.



At the next cemetery we found more of Jared’s ancestors.  These are David and Vera Roskelley.  05-2013-Memorial-Day-4


Christian and Zilpha Plowman.

05-2013-Memorial-Day-5 all


No relation to this person at all, but I had to take a picture.  She has the same first name and maiden name as my grandma…except my grandma is Geraldine.



John and Metta Plowman.



William and Agnes Roskelly.



Alonzo Raymond…



and his wife, Elizabeth, who is buried with her family in another part of the cemetery.


We will have to dig up some stories about these people and get to know them!  I wonder how much we look like them, what traits we have that are similar, what life events may have contributed to their personalities.  They certainly left us a great heritage!

And we’re so thankful for the cemetery directories, as the numbering system seems to have no rhyme or reason whatsoever!

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