Thursday, May 30, 2013


It feels like the month of May came and went in the blink of an eye.  I’m still scratching my head, trying to figure out where it went!

First we had my Mom’s wedding.  It was a neat day to see my mom sealed to Blake.  We love him dearly and are glad to count him (and his wonderful kids and grandkids) as family.

(I shamelessly stole these first two pictures from my brother’s Facebook wall.  I’m sure he won’t mind.  He’s cool like that!)


Combined, they now have 7 kids, each with a spouse, and 22 grandkids…with 2 on the way!  Here they are with MOST of the grandkids.


It was a great day, though we did wake up with a bit of snow on the ground.  The reception was blissfully chaotic with all those kids running around.  They got to eat desserts to their hearts’ content, along with all the snacks grandma brought for them.  They were even nice enough to feed a couple of mice they discovered on the patio!  Such caring kids!!

Here are some a whole bunch of fun pictures.  Hoping to get more soon!









Then there was Rachel’s birthday party.  Six giggly girls, lots of glue and glitter, lipstick, and oodles of pink.  Could there be anything better!?!?

May also brought several storms and several awesome rainbows to go with them.  Here’s our favorite.  The biggest and brightest of them all.  The camera just doesn’t do it justice!





In between rain/show storms, we had some days with incredible weather.  The temps. reached 90 degrees a couple of times!!  We spent lots of time outside with bikes, scooters, and yes…even, dirt!  (I’m getting pretty quick at changing bike tubes!)



There were a few school functions too.  Emily got to attend the Breakfast of Champions, along with her dad, for receiving a 4.0 GPA this year.  Rachel had a fieldtrip to the zoo and then to the park, Caleb had one to the park and the cemetery, and Josh had one to the Planetarium.  And Emily is spending the day at the swimming pool today.  Whew!! 

Josh started baseball this month.  His team is the Cardinals, and they’ve already played three games.  Two of those were wins.  I think he has played almost every position, with the exception of pitcher and catcher.  One of these days, we’re going to see him knock a ball right out of the park. 

Of course, we celebrated Memorial Day with our traditional cemetery scavenger hunt.

And, to round out the month, we got the shelving cut, primed, painted and installed in two closets, with one more partially underway.

Now we’re gearing up for Summer busy-ness.  Softball, baseball, T-ball, birthday parties, yard work, more house projects, Girls’ Camp, swimming lessons…I think I may need a nap to get me through it!

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