Sunday, August 12, 2012

Building a House: Walls!

Wow!  I was going to do a house update last week.  But with Josh’s birthday and then Girls’ Camp, I kind of ran out of spare time!  I am excited to say that we have walls!!  And we have a front porch, a patio, and a floor for Jared’s workshop area.

Here’s a view of the front part of the house


That’s the front porch (obviously without steps or a sidewalk), the opening for the front door, windows in the living room, and to the far right is the window for the first bedroom. 

Here’s a view from the dining area, looking to the north where the kitchen and mudroom will be.


The room with the cement floor is Jared’s workshop.  That’s where he going to be building all the things I want for my new house – lockers, shelves, tables, a nightstand…you know, stuff like that!  I’ve got a list long enough to keep him busy for at least a year.

And this is a view from the dining area into the front part of the house.  Basically, you’re looking at where the living room and bedrooms will be.


Obviously that giant hole in the floor is where the stairs will be.  Right now it’s just a death trap for a couple of munchkins who aren’t even allowed in the house.  I’m sure you understand the reasoning behind that decision!

We’re supposed to have a garage floor this week, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the roof/ceiling trusses go up as well.

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