Monday, August 20, 2012

Building a House: Trusses

Today we watched this truck pull into the driveway.


And then the truck grew!


Can you guess how tall that is?  If you said “Why, that’s 100 feet, of course,” you would be correct!!

Once all the growing and stretching were done, that truck went and picked up the biggest and heaviest truss for the house.


It’s actually two trusses nailed together.  We watched the crew scurrying around like chickens for a few minutes before the crane came.  Josh was completely amazed at how fast one guy went around the truss nailing with his nail gun.

The truck turned into a showoff after getting the first truss in place.


Four trusses in one load!  We were awestruck!


We watched for an hour before we had to leave to make dinner.  When we went back for Family Home Evening, this is what we saw…


No – we’re not building a barn.  There are still a few more trusses that need to go up, but the builder can get those done without the crane. 

In total, there were four guys working.  One operating the crane and three placing the trusses.  Pretty impressive.

The excitement level in this place is definitely climbing.

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  1. So cool! We're looking at tearing our house down and building something new on our lot. Love seeing your progress!