Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Haircuts on the House…and a Loose Tooth

I looked at Caleb yesterday and had to do a double take.  Something was different.


It seems our little Tornado has gained speed these days.  A lot of speed, actually.  Are 4-year-olds supposed to be doing this kind of stuff?!?!  I thought he would have mellowed out a little by now.  Boy was I WRONG!!  This kid is so smart, though, that he leaned over the garbage can while carrying out his nefarious plan.  Yeah – he’s awesome like that!

The best part of the situation was when I asked him why he did this.  His response?  “’Cause I always wanted a buzz cut!!”  Caleb, do you know what a buzz cut is?  “No!”


And upon further inspection, it became very apparent that he used his mad cutting skillz on poor little Daniel.



Not too obvious, but still there nonetheless!  Oy!  No wonder I wake up with a headache almost every single day!

I took care of the buzz cut this morning, hoping to erase the damage.  Oh boy, I think it may look just as bad!


And we’re supposed to have family pictures this weekend.  Extended family pictures.  And the episode will be forever cemented in the annals of our family history.  Ugh!!

Continuing with the “Day of Discovery” theme yesterday, we learned that Rachel has a loose tooth!  Her first one – and while she’s excited about it, she seems a little worried at the same time.


She questioned me all afternoon about when I lost teeth, and tried to reassure herself that this is OK.  I bet it will all be forgotten as soon as she wakes up to the money on her pillow from that tiny little tooth fairy, who her mom has never even seen, and who likes to keep the teeth of young children…gross!!

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  1. I hope Brady's buzz cut didn't influence his scheming! I do love summer buzz cuts and it looks great on him!