Monday, July 2, 2012

Building A House: Day 1 (July 2)

We got started on our house today!!  Well, in all actuality, this started months ago, when we first approached the builder.  And we really thought THIS day was going to happen about a month ago.  But the city took FOREVER to issue the permit (OK, not forever, but longer than they should have taken)!

The tractor came and got to work!  First it dug a trench to find and connect to the sewer line.  (That house in the background is the home of our builder.  I think we’re going to get extra special treatment since we’ll be right next door!)


And then that tractor dug a really big hole.  (That tan-colored building in the background is our kids’ school.  Same school we’ve already been going to.  But now we’ll be CLOSE – like 100 yards away – and we’ll have sidewalks, and there will be no streets to cross.)



The footings for the foundation go in next, then the foundation walls.  Hopefully that will be done later in the week.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Building A House!

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