Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Our city does fireworks on the night before the 4th.  I happen to really like this because we can stay up late and still have the 4th to have fun.  No worries about getting to bed at a decent time!

I don’t have pictures of any fireworks, but I do have pictures of my cute family…waaaaaay better than fireworks!!

Caleb wants to be a photographer.  (He’d probably do a much better job than I do!)


Daniel enjoyed himself until things started getting too hot (about 10 minutes after we got there).  This is a happy picture, just in case you were wondering.


The Emily Chill – Wordoku (Sudoku with letters instead of numbers), pink blanket, and a place to lay her head.


Josh in a tree.  Josh in a tree?  How can that be?


 I happen to really like this guy.


Rachel my silly girl.


Daniel blowing raspberries at having his picture taken.  He needs some lessons from Emily.


It’s gettin’ kinda hot out here.


Taking refuge in the shade of the Suburban.


Such a sweet boy, even when he’s hot.


We survived the heat until the sun went down.  And Daniel was especially relieved when Stacie arrived with popsicles for everyone.  We all loved the fireworks – even Daniel!!  He clapped and flapped his arms through lots of the show.  It was a fun evening, but I’m glad we can hang out in the cool A/C today!

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