Monday, May 16, 2011

Life Keeps Moving

I naively thought that once Daniel arrived, life would slow down and not be so crazy.  Hahaha!!  I don’t know what possessed me to even entertain that thought.  I must have been in dream land!  I admit that I have found myself longing for those days when Emily and Josh were little and life was simple (though at the time, I thought it was incredibly complex).  I could keep things pretty clean, and I could usually get a meal on the table without much thought.  I didn’t have to worry about who had which activity on what day, and what to do if, heaven forbid, we’d have an overlap!  Ironically, it was at that time that I also longed to be busier, to have places to go and schedules to keep!!  It’s interesting how life changes our perspective.

In all reality, life didn’t slow down (gasp!!!), and now I have this ultra-sweet, incredibly cute baby who I can’t seem to get enough of. 

SDC16910 SDC16891

I already spend most of my time feeding him, but still I can’t get enough!  Clean house??  What’s that?  Someone else needs food?  Seriously??  In my defense – it’s not just me!!  This is what I see many times over throughout the course of a day, and it involves everyone in the house.  No one can get enough!


Jared and I have learned to use this phenomenon as a bargaining tool.  “Get _______ done, and you can hold Daniel!”  Works like a charm!

Amidst the normal stuff of life – family home evening, scouts, activity days, stake meetings, errands, stake conference, yard work – we’ve started a few new things.  We’re in the process of getting Daniel enrolled in Early Intervention.  He’ll get physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and help from other professionals to assist us in all the important aspects of his early development.  The earlier we get going on all this stuff, the better off he will be.  I just wish I had retained more of what I spent my college and graduate years studying!!

I managed to find a couple of hours to get a few projects completed last week.  First off – a car seat tent.  I purchased the fabric for this project the day I went into labor!  I fully intended to sit down and get it done that day.  I think I’ve mentioned before how life seems to have a way of completely destroying plans! 

SDC16924 SDC16925

And my favorite project – a baby wrap!

SDC16930 SDC16932

Yep – that’s D-man all bundled up in there.  We both LOVE it!  It’s nice to have him with me, and still have my hands to do other things with.  And now we can go on walks and to the park and all that fun stuff that the other kids like to do.  (Crazy story – When we lived in CA, a lady came to story time with her baby all bundled up in one of these.  And she wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath!!  AAACKCK!!  I was feeling pretty embarrassed, and I’m glad my kids weren’t old enough to notice!)

And, the most exciting moment of the week came on Saturday.  I looked at Daniel and smiled, and he smiled back!  Mark that down – first responsive smile at 3 weeks, 6 days!!  And I didn’t have the camera to catch it.


  1. I can't stop laughing that someone wore a baby wrap in public with nothing underneath!! Sadly, having lived in Santa Barbara, I also find it very easy to believe. ;)

    I'm so impressed that you made it! Amazing!

  2. Where was I when this story time lady arrived??? That is crazy! I think your's looks pretty cool, and I can't believe you made it yourself! Way to go busy mama!

  3. You two crack me up!! Katie - I think the only place I'd be more un-surprised at seeing something like that would be Berkley! Liz - you didn't miss anything, don't worry!! It's something I wish I could erase from my memory bank!!