Monday, May 30, 2011

Girls Night Out

When the boys head off to the Priesthood Commemoration campout, the girls get to party!  And boy do we know how to party!  We started the evening off with dinner at Chick-Fil-A, because who wants to cook when they don’t have to?!?!  Rather than going in, we opted for fine dining in the front seat of the Suburban parked in the parking lot at Shopko.  Emily and Rachel shared the front passenger seat (Daniel was sleeping peacefully behind us) and we all sipped Sprite while enjoying chicken and tic-tac-toe fries.  Then we did a little shopping and picked out some new nail polish – and we may or may not have purchased 2 pounds of Jelly Bellys.  We headed home for the best part of the evening…roasting marshmallows over the stove (and a few graham crackers and chocolate chips)!  Oh yeah, we’re livin’ the life!


As soon as we’d almost made ourselves sick, we stopped to paint nails.  Pink, orange, or sparkly turquoise…so many choices!!  Emily chose sparkly turquoise, and Rachel chose alternating pink and orange.  And I painted!  (I’m kind of weird and don’t like the feel of nail polish on my fingernails.  It drives me so crazy that I just peel it off within hours!)

The evening ended with jammies and a movie – Ella Enchanted – on the laptop on my bed.  Ahhh…best movie theater in town!  (No popcorn in bed though.)

The boys came home way too early – the cold and rain scared them away.  We had a great time while it lasted and I’m so thankful I have my girls to have fun with!  And I’m so glad my girls each have a sister to enjoy.

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