Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Sharing Time lesson in Primary today was all about miracles. We watched a short movie about some of the miracles the Savior performed, and it got me all goose-bumpy thinking about some of the miracles we've seen in our family.

There's the time we found my wedding ring at the beach in California.

There was the time that Emily suddenly started getting better during her bout with pneumonia a few years ago. Consequently, the doctor still talks about that event.

The hours and days surrounding Rachel's birth definitely come to mind. With doctors and nurses not knowing what to do, especially when she wasn't responding to typical treatment. And me feeling like I had been thrown to the very edge of a cliff. Oh, and the pediatrician still talks about this one too!

Sometimes miracles are easy to pinpoint. And sometimes they're small and they may be difficult to recognize. But they're all around us. Waiting to be recognized and appreciated.

I am also thankful for one more small, but very much appreciated miracle today. Caleb - after getting off to a rough start - gave in and slept through most of Sacrament Meeting. He needed that, I needed that...heck, the whole congregation needed that!

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