Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Reunion

It’s 10 p.m., and for some reason, Caleb is putting up the biggest stink about going to sleep.  So, time for some blogging!

We had our Ripplinger Reunion last weekend.  We camped up Logan Canyon, and then went to Bear Lake.  We enjoyed eating, playing games, seeing the many talents of our family members, watching an amazing meteor shower, geocaching (that looks weird, is it spelled right?), swimming, relaxing, and more eating!  Phew!  That’s a lot of stuff!

Here are some fun pictures.

Marshmallows and a bit of dirt make a great 5 0’clock shadow!SDC16113

Do the Jellyfish!!SDC16112

Emily took this one of the moon just before night-fall. SDC16102

Brady’s backpack carrier is magical – it puts him to sleep!  I think he had probably just woken up in this picture.SDC16066

Josh is “whittling” with the pocketknife he got for his birthday…and Jonathon looks like he wants to run away!  I can’t blame him, though – Josh had most of us worried about his knife handling skills!  I hope he doesn’t end up learning the hard way!SDC16063

He’s much less dangerous with a guitar!SDC16049



The Games CommitteeSDC16041

Caleb relaxing in Rachel’s sandals. SDC16119

Bear Lake wouldn’t be any fun without getting buried…SDC16142

…and being a little too cold (or too hot, depending on the year)!SDC16135

Thanks to Jake and Darcy for putting together an enjoyable and memorable reunion!  We had lots of fun!

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