Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spring/Winter, Easter, and Other Stuff

We had the worst April Fool's joke ever this year! Mother Nature sure was cruel sending all this snow!

Our cute kids all decked out in their Easter clothes. I decided to forgo the Sunday clothes this year since we had General Conference on Easter. Don't they look cute in their lime green?!? I can't believe how hard it is getting to get a good picture with them all at least looking in the direction of the camera!
We had a great Easter weekend and really enjoyed having General Conference as part of our Easter festivities. All of the conference talks were so good, and it was fun to eat our Easter candy while we watched and listened! We had a good time finding eggs and visiting with the Ripplinger side of the family during the evening.

There were some crazy wind storms in April too. In the worst one, our next door neighbor's willow tree snapped off about halfway up. Thankfully it fell into her driveway and not on our house!
The kids decided to try flying a kite from the swingset one day. It didn't work very well, but they had fun doing it!
Emily had to complete a science project as an assignment for school. So she and I spent the week of spring break working on it. We smashed up lots of potato chips onto graph paper to see how much grease each kind of chips had. She did a great job working on it and then presenting it.

And last, but not least, Stacie and Phil got married in May! It was a fun day, and the kids really enjoyed running around at the reception. It was a little chilly, but the weather cooperated well. Rachel and Caleb have really taken a liking to Phil - we're glad to have him join the family!

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