Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ripplinger Family {mis}Adventures

I'm thinking about writing a book, although with the topic I have in mind, it might be a little long. Here's an excerpt from my rough draft:

"This morning was a pretty typical morning. We got up, ate a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, and got ready as quickly as we could. The kids really wanted to play some cheap, extremely simple hand-held video games Jared dug out of a box recently. When there's fun to be had, they're really good at getting done quickly, which is usually because they do the bare minimum! Like getting dressed but not putting socks on; brushing teeth but leaving toothpaste in the sink; running their hands through their hair and calling it good. We rushed out of the house - like usual - to get the kids to school on time.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Emily exclaimed, "Oh yeah, it's picture day!" Oh great!! There's no way they are decent enough to get their pictures taken! {Refer to the paragraph above, about doing the bare minimum} I had to make a split-second decision: let them go as they are and get re-takes done next month (which I will probably forget about again), or take them back home, make them change clothes and REALLY do their hair, which would make them late for school. I chose the latter - let's get this whole incident buried and done with! We rushed home as fast as we could to fix the problem. Clothes started flying, hairbrushes began tugging through hair, and a few curls were quickly put into those beautiful red locks that belong to Emily."

See what I mean?? Our {mis}adventures are a little too frequent, and I'm afraid if I compiled them into a book, it'd be bigger (and likely more confusing) than the Bible!!


  1. I love hearing your misadventures!! I bet everyone looked great!

  2. Ah, so fun!! I'd probably have done the same thing. And just so you know I could probably write the same book. FOr instance Wed Lindsey had girl scouts after school on the school playground. I came to pick her up, she got in the car and we drove home. AS we all piled out of the car, I looked at her and said "Where is your backpack??" Oh yeah, I left it at the playground. SO back we go to retrieve it, and pass the leader with the backpack in her trunk, so we have to make another stop to retrieve it. I won't even go into what happened the VERY next day, when I picked up the girls from school. It's so similar to the above its scary!