Friday, September 11, 2009


Rachel has really caught the jabber bug lately! And we're starting to be able to understand most of what she says, which makes it so fun to listen to her! She comes up with some fun things to say, and sometimes makes me giggle! Things like:

"Let's go watch moo-bees!(movies)"
"That's dolly's bank-a-let!(blanket)"
When asked if she needs to go potty, she says, "I already went at the church!"
"I'm heavy momma" when she feels like I'm not holding her tight enough when we're walking around
"I went thhtththt in the potty" when she farts
She still answers either yes or no (depending on her mood) to most every question!
Oh, yes, and on the {mostly} rare occasions when she poops in her pull-up, she always gives me a resounding "Yay mommy!!" when I dump it in the toilet!

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