Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flu Shots and Tomatoes

Yesterday we headed down to the Health Dept. (all 6 of us) to get our flu shots. We learned the hard way last spring - during tax season - that it is not a good thing when everyone in the house has the flu - at the same time! We just never made it in last fall to get the shots, so this year it was a huge priority.

Rachel went first, cried a little, but was more than happy to stop for a sucker.
I went next, then Josh, who was very tough.
Then Emily went, wincing the entire time and squeezing my hand as hard as she could! She stepped away to pick out her sucker, and Jared got his (shot, not a sucker - although he did a great job and deserved one too).
As soon as he was done, Emily said, "Uh oh!" and turned as pale as I've seen her since she passed out with her first tooth!
Can you see where I'm going with this??
Jared, with Caleb in one arm, caught her on the way down to the floor as she passed out!
This girl adds so much excitement to an otherwise boring and hated event!!
The nurse dropped everything and got down with her to help her out - had to even give her a little wiggle to get her eyes open again!
When Emily woke up, she said, "Did I pass out??"
Uh, yeah! So she lay there on the floor while the nurse got her some concentrated Tang to drink.
And Caleb got his shot. I don't even think he realized what was happening as he was happily slobbering on the sucker Jared stuck in his mouth right before the shot!
We all walked out on our own two feet, thankfully!
But I don't know if Emily's going to be so willing to go back next year!

Now, on to tomatoes. This morning I picked 14 gallons!! That's right - 14!! That's twice as much as I picked a couple weeks ago, and that batch yielded 38 pints of crushed tomatoes (which Jared canned all by himself - with kids running around)!! Heaven help us!! Thank goodness Jared found some people at work to come take them from us. I was ready to set them on the driveway with a sign that said, "FREE - PLEASE HELP US!!"


  1. Oh what an adventure!! I can't believe she passed out!

    Last year Lindsey refused to get a shot after the nurse basically cornered her in the room, practically shouting at her that she HAD to get one!! I was soooo mad at that nurse!!

    Fortunately this year, they have the flu mist, so Hailey has already gotten hers, and the rest of us are scheduled in about a week.

    Girl, you are a trooper with all that canning!! ARe the tomatoes all from your yard?

  2. Emily you are funny. I hope you never stop fainting. it's so cute and makes you such a unique and awesome girl!