Friday, February 6, 2009

First Tooth!

Caleb is 8 months old today and has reached yet another milestone. Yesterday he cut his first tooth!! Yea Caleb!! Hopefully he'll get back to sleeping like he used to!

I have mentioned on more than one occasion that Caleb is our most different baby. He is so skinny compared to what our other kids were. He has a darker shade of hair. He thinks he needs to be held constantly still!!

Even with teeth his differences show. This first tooth that popped in came on TOP, not the bottom. I've never had a baby do that! I didn't know any baby did that! So here's to being different!

I'll spare you all a picture of the lovely new tooth, since all you'd see is slobbery gums anyway, and since he won't let me get anywhere near his mouth. Here's a picture of a deliciously cute boy who absolutely loves his feet!

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  1. Oh he is so sweet. I love how all of your kids look so much alike. You and Jared have a stamp. I told your Mother today how much we miss all of you so much. Hope we see you when we come home in April.