Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Tooth, and a Funky Hair Do

Caleb cut tooth #2 yesterday, again on the top. He is so cute, I just had to get a picture. He is so wiggly and active that it's hard to get him to be still long enough. And as soon as I pull the camera out he gets right up in my lap to play with the fun new toy. You can see the first one quite well on the left (his right), and the second one popped through right next to it, but is hard to see.

Now for something compeletly different...

I tried a new hair do for Emily on Saturday night when she had wet hair. I twisted sections up tight and wound them around themselves, like little buns (I've heard them called "Shrek Ears"). I saw somewhere that when they dry and you take them out, you get nice, soft ringlet-type curls. Here she is on Saturday night...

We had fun laughing about how silly she looked. She said it was kind of uncomfortable to sleep on, but was excited to get it all taken out on Sunday morning. Let's just say we were shocked at how it turned out...

Can you say tight and frizzy??!?!? Not what we were expecting. Emily was a good sport and we had a good laugh about it, then put it up into a ponytail. Even that was almost impossible because her hair was about 3-4 times its normal thickness! Lesson learned indeed!

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  1. I love Em's hair do. I just saw this on another blog, and the results were similar. I love the twisted up hair though, I think it is cute.