Sunday, December 28, 2014

Emily Turns 14


Emily had a birthday, shout HOORAY!!  She loves a comfy seat and German chocolate cake…a girl after my own heart!!



What can I say about this girl?  She’s beautiful, smart, awesome, persistent, talented and lots of fun.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about her:

She loves beef jerky, especially the peppered kind.

She is a super speed reader.  She got Michael Vey 4 and the Blood of Olympus books for her birthday and she had them both finished within a couple of weeks.

She is becoming an awesome piano player.  She plays most weeks for opening exercises in Young Women.

She loves being outside, away from all the boring stuff of life.

She recently started Winter guard (color guard) at the high school.  She is a natural!  She participated in Christmas Fantasy and did a great job!

She is an animal lover through and through.

She’s pretty good with a set of tools.  She got rusty bolts off her bike tires, replaced the tubes, and got everything in working condition all by herself.

She wants to be an architect.

She is really good at math and science.

She is a great helper with younger siblings.

She is very creative and artistic.

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