Sunday, February 9, 2014

Could This Be Possible?


One of Daniel’s IFSP goals for more than the past year (I think) has been to get him ready to potty train.  So he needs to start letting us know when he needs a diaper change.  I have laughed every time it comes up, because I know he’s not anywhere close to potty training.  And none of my other kids ever let me know when they needed clean diapers! 

My personal opinion on potty training is WAIT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.  I forced potty training on Emily after Josh was born (she was probably right around 2 years old) because I was so sick of all the diapers.  It was a NIGHTMARE!!  But I was not wise enough to stop and take a break.  We just kept going.  And I think we were all miserable because of it.  I learned my lesson after that and waited longer with the others and it turned out so much better.

Back to Daniel.  He has never shown that he even realizes or cares if he is wet or poopy.  He’s not a fan of diaper changes, so he’d probably be fine to avoid them completely.

Today, when I picked him up to take him to bed for his nap, he grabbed his nose.  Every time he is poopy, I grab my nose and say, “Peee-ew!!  Stinky!”  He grabbed his nose!  AND…he was poopy!  My boy, who is not quite 34 months old, AND who has difficulty communicating AND who has Down syndrome let me know that his diaper needed to be changed!!!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is something that sticks with him.  Even though I absolutely dread the thoughts of one more round of potty training.

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  1. Way to go Daniel!!!! I LOVE reading about his victories - He's such a champion!