Sunday, November 10, 2013

San Francisco–Day 3 and Home!


Saturday was our third day of fun, and also the day we started our trip back home.  After we got up and had breakfast, we checked out of our hotel.  And now I’m going to put in a plug for Marriott.  We stayed at a Residence Inn which was more than adequate for our needs.  We had a full kitchen (which we didn’t even use), plenty of space, 2 bathrooms, and the best all-you-can-eat breakfast we’ve ever had at a hotel.  We paid a bit more than we wanted for the room, but it was well worth it!

We had planned to drive to the Presidio, which is a National Park, and find Lucas Arts and the famed Yoda Fountain.  We did have a map this time (we are capable of learning!!), but it wasn’t a great map, and there was some construction with closed roads and lots of traffic.  We wanted to have time to stop at the Oakland Temple too, so we bagged the Presidio.

The Presidio is right at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, so guess what we did?!?!  And they weren’t even charging tolls! 



Jared hadn’t ever been on the bridge, as the boundary of his mission was half way across the bridge.  It was an awesome drive!!

There was a short tunnel at the end that everyone loved as well.  As we headed for the Temple, we passed through another really long tunnel (around a mile, I think) and over another bridge.  No pictures, though.

The temple is an amazing sight.  It was a really busy day – weddings! – so we didn’t get the best shots because we were trying to stay out of the way of the wedding parties. 



The grounds are beautiful, and there is a neat atrium that goes completely around the building.  There is a gorgeous view of the bay and surrounding areas. 



We spent some time in the Visitor’s Center and then piled back into the ‘Burb for the final attraction: Six Flags.

After lunch, and waiting in line for over an HOUR, we finally got to try out some rides.  The lines were ridiculously long, and we didn’t have a whole lot of time…so the kids got two rides each and we saw a dolphin show and a sea lion show.  The shows were great, but we were pretty disappointed with the park as a whole.


After some dinner we hit the road to make it as far as we could.  We hit Reno by 10 p.m. and decided to stop there, as we were exhausted.  On our way to the room, Emily was running into walls, Rachel was whining/crying, and I was so delirious and overloaded with stuff and Daniel that I was laughing uncontrollably.  The guy in the elevator with us probably feared for his life!!

After a good night’s rest, we dragged ourselves out of bed, had some breakfast and headed for HOME!!  We were so excited when, after several hours of driving, we drove into our little valley.  We had an awesome trip (and would love to go back), but there really is no place like home!

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