Monday, November 18, 2013

Rachel’s Fabulous Fall


It’s been a busy Fall for Rachel.  As you know, she started First Grade in August.  It’s been a hard adjustment to go All. Day. Long!!  She is an awesome reader though, and loves to do math and go to lunch recess.

In September, Rachel had another rush on loose teeth.  Two of them.  Again.  (She lost her first set within a week, right before the start of Kindergarten.)  She went to bed one night looking like this…



That’s a backward tooth!  When she got up in the morning, her tooth was out!

Six days later, she lost the next door neighbor to that backward tooth while she was at school.  She came home with the lost tooth in a cute little tooth container necklace.  (Wouldn’t it be fun to be a first grade teacher?!?!?)  Then she looked like this…



And today she looks like this…



GLASSES!!  She’s now the 3rd of 5 kids to inherit her parents’ poor eyesight.  We found out she failed the vision test last week, and when we went to the eye doc, we learned that the eyesight in those cute little eyes is pretty bad.  She picked out her frames (they’re a purplish color), not based on the color of the frames or how they looked.  She chose them because of the cute pink designs on the side!  This one is a hard adjustment for ME, but I think she looks pretty cute…if I do say so myself.

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  1. They look so cute Rachel, good choice of glasses!!