Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Josh had a Birthday!

Oh my!  Josh is 11 years old now!  Look out world, ‘cause here he comes.

And this just happens to be the greatest miracle ever…



A SMILE!!  An authentic, natural, honest-to-goodness smile!

This is the kind of smile we normally get from this kid…



…and even those are rare.  Usually it’s just a look of sheer torture and misery.

I guess all it took was turning 11.  Such a magical age!

Poor Josh had to deal with a mostly regular day, complete with visiting teachers and hour-long phone calls dealing with medical issues.  He even had to go to swimming lessons (which I think he loved, but would never dare admit).  He did get his requested meals of blueberry muffins for breakfast and hamburgers and fries for dinner.  And don’t forget the apple pie for dessert.  He is definitely his father’s son!!

Here are 11 fun things about Josh:

  1. He wants to be an engineer.
  2. He says he’s going to go to MIT (we’re taking donations…)
  3. He LOVES school.
  4. He was one of only 6 fifth-graders in his school to receive the Hope of America award.
  5. He loves to play baseball and basketball.
  6. He loves geography.
  7. He has only had one broken bone – his wrist, which happened at school just a couple weeks before Daniel was born.
  8. When he was about 2 years old, he pulled a huge Costco-sized can of shortening onto his big toe.  His nail was purple for a very long time.  He cried a little and then was fine.
  9. He has always had an amazing memory.
  10. He recently earned his Webelos and Arrow of Light awards.
  11. He is an awesome, funny, smart, and amazing kid, and we love him tons!

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