Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Daniel’s Busy Day

Little Mister has turned into quite the busy boy.  We have definitely hit the 2-year-old phase: he’s into everything and let’s us know when he’s not happy!

Yesterday was the most mischief this kid has been into.  Ever.

It started when some children – who shall remain nameless – left a jar of jam on the kitchen table.  Seeing as how Daniel is an expert climber, it was a given that this would happen…



Apricot jam – less than 24 hours old – all over the place!

He found the spoon that was left behind and gave it a shot, but the paw in the jar seemed to work the best.

Mmmm…licking every last bit….



I’m not sure if he’s blaming Dad, or if he’s wishing Dad would rescue him…



Pretty hard to get upset when this is the mug smiling back at me!




After documenting the mischief, I put him in the tub and cleaned him up.  No joke, it was less than 20 minutes later when he pulled the cutting board, KNIFE (!!), and loaf of bread onto the kitchen floor, bonking himself on the head in the process.  He helped himself to fistfuls of my homemade bread before I could get to him.  Thankfully there were no injuries from the knife.

The rest of the day was filled with minor mischief.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Until it was time to start Family Home Evening.  One of our children – who shall remain nameless – left the cabinet lock off and he found the container of grease I use for frying.  I’m not sure if he ate any of it, but he sure had fun splashing and pouring it!  The kitchen rug, that is less than 2 months old, was completely saturated!  As sad as it is, I don’t think we’ll be able to salvage it.

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel.  I shouldn’t be amazed at what you’re capable of, but really, I am!!  You’re giving Caleb a run for his money.  We really don’t need 2 tornadoes crashing around this house.  (But, between you and me…way to go, little man!!)

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