Monday, January 14, 2013

Tales of a Frigid January

I’m pretty sure this morning’s –22 degrees broke the cold record for the month.  I guess that makes the –12 of a couple of weeks ago seem pretty warm. 


Spring has never looked so enticing!!    I’m sure those icicles are only going to get bigger as we shiver through the next several weeks.

We’ve been working on our sign language lately.  Rachel really loves to use “no”…


…but I’m not sure we can take that big smile seriously!


Daniel has started to sign “book” – though he does the sign for “again” instead.  I’m not sure how he got them mixed up.  But we know what it means, and he obviously does too, so we’re working on fixing that one.  He started nursery yesterday.  There is a lady in our Ward who is in charge of being his assistant.  So he gets one-on-one attention while he’s in there.  I’m so glad our Primary President was the one to take the initiative on that.  She recognized that we might have a need there and came to me for the scoop.  I feel much better about sending him when someone is directly responsible for only him.  Though, I’m still super worried about the germs.  We’ll see how these first few weeks go.

How could you not love this face?!?!


Or this one??!?  (This is what he does when anyone talks about animals.  He’s barking like a dog, but without much sound.)


This is the month of hardly any school (at least it feels like it) for our kids.  They started back on the 3rd.  Rachel has today off, and they all have tomorrow off, for parent teacher conferences.  Next Monday is MLK day, so there won’t be school.  And the following Friday will be a no school day as well!  Good grief!  Sometimes I wonder why they even have school at all during January!!

We’re going to cross our fingers for a warmer-than-usual February and try to stay warm in the meantime!

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