Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Me a Sign

Daniel’s signing vocabulary has been expanding at a fairly decent rate lately.  It is so cute to see his tiny hands forming the signs and to see the learning process he goes through.

He wakes up everyday and greets me with a voracious “eat” and signs it almost constantly throughout the day!  If it has anything to do with food, he is proficient.  “More,” “drink,” and “cracker” are his other three favorites.

True to form, he signed “Dad” first and has yet to produce “Mom”…but he’s getting close!  (All of our kids said Dad before Mom.  Traitors.)

Here he produces several signs on command, so watch closely.  His sign for “Dad” and “cow” are pretty similar.  (I have no commentary on that.)  His sign for “dog” is a little off.  He’s supposed to pat his leg, but pats his chest instead.

Daniel showing off a few signs


And in this one he does “car” – his most recent one.  This one is my favorite.  He’s also really close to getting “help.”  Listen to his fun noise.  It always makes us laugh!

Signing “car”


We love this boy so so so much!!  He is pure joy contained in a 21-pound adorable little body!

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