Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rachel had a Birthday…

…shout “HOORAY!!”  Five years old.  FIVE!!  I swear it feels like yesterday when she came flying into this world.

Celebrating with Grandma L. a few days before her actual birthday.


She had a fun day on Tuesday – even got the royal treatment from the older siblings.  Since the weather was so nice, they all had water fun outside.  She chose meatballs and Rice-a-Roni for dinner and picked out an ice cream cake from Cold Stone for her dessert.  (She requested cake, but we’ve been in cake overload this week with Daniel’s birthday, his party, and Rachel’s preschool cupcakes.  Cold Stone was the easy, tasty alternative.)


I think it nearly killed her to have to wait ALL. DAY. LONG to open her presents…but thankfully she made it!

Loving the cute girlie Legos.


A thoughtful sister got this for her at the school book fair.


Every time I asked Rachel what she wanted for her birthday, she always answered with, “A BIKE!!”  No surprise.  She’s been asking for one since she could talk!  We decided to make the plunge this year, but didn’t give it to her with the rest of her gifts.  When she was done opening presents, I asked her if she got everything she wanted.  Yep.  EVERYTHING?  There’s not one other thing you would want?  “Well, I guess maybe a bike, but there’s not one.”  We had a little walk into the garage, and what do you know?!?!

A BIKE!!!!!


We love this girl to pieces!  She has so much spunk, yet she is so tenderhearted.  She loves to make people feel happy and she loves cuddles and snuggles and bedtime stories.  She is almost always humming a tune, and she plunks out little songs on the piano when she can steal a few minutes from the other contenders.  She is so excited to start kindergarten in the Fall…AND…she can run faster than a 4-year-old!  (She has demonstrated her new 5-year-old skills at least several times a day.)

We love you Miss Rachel!

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