Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look Who’s ONE!

One year ago, this precious little man entered our lives.birth day

He just couldn’t wait to join the party, and he even had to get in on the tax season fun!  He was so perfect, so precious.  I couldn’t bear to set him down, and the several hours he was away from me were excruciating.  With his first breath (actually it happened long before), he  claimed a huge hold on my heart.


I told myself to remember every second: how wonderful it felt to have him snuggle into my arms, his new baby smell, the sound of his grunts and squeaks, his precious hands and feet, the perfect roundness of his head, his cute little nose.  I was never going to forget this perfect moment in time.


One year later, I almost can’t remember Daniel as a new baby.  But I continue to tell myself to remember every second: how his excitement upon seeing me causes the biggest, heart melting smile and arms that flap nearly as fast as the wings of a hummingbird; how amazing it is to have him snuggle into my arms and play with my face and hair; what a joy it is to see him play with his reflection; seeing the effect he has on everyone.


No matter what I do, I know I will never be able to remember every moment with my precious Daniel.  But I know I will never forget how he makes me – and everyone around him – feel.


We love you sweet Daniel.  You are my little hero.  You have had such an amazing year and I am so proud of you!

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