Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finally…an update!

I am so behind.  Five kids, tax season, Young Women, and just life in general are kicking my fanny!!  I am stealing a few minutes (not sure from where/who) to get an update posted.  So here goes!

As promised – a video of Daniel’s commando/army crawling.  It’s quite unique because he doesn’t use his right arm as much.  But it gets him where he wants to go!


Here are a few fun pictures.  Rachel had a fieldtrip to the fire station last week and got to bring home a couple of hats.  Lots of dress-up fun!



We had to do our Valentine celebration on Monday since I had Young Women on Tuesday.  AND, I got to bring the kids – all five of them – with me because we were doing a babysitting service.  (My kids were about 1/3 of all the kids there!)  We didn’t do anything too spectacular on Monday – just homemade pizza for dinner (not even heart-shaped), and a few games with lots of candy for FHE.

Josh had to make a box for his Valentines at school, so we decided a giant Lego would be just about right.  (It might actually kill him to smile!)



This was Rachel’s Valentine that was not meant to be (we were going to stick the sucker in her hand).


I sent it to Macey’s to get printed on Monday morning (she needed them for preschool that afternoon).  I don’t know what happened at Macey’s, but she was home from school by the time it got printed!  Good thing I had the tiny amount of sense to pick up a box of Valentine Skittles.

And I am horrible at taking pictures, especially of Emily and Josh since they’re gone all day long.  So I have nothing of Emily.  But, once again, she made the Honor Roll.  And, we got a great call from a teacher letting us know that she is so good at making everyone – especially the resource kids (special ed.) feel important, and what a quiet leader she is.  Proud parent moment, for sure!!

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