Friday, January 20, 2012

9 Months Old…

…and he’s a sitter!!


Our physical therapist may not know it, but she’s magical!  Whatever she did on Tuesday woke something up in Daniel.  By Wednesday, he was sitting for 60 seconds at a time.  And today, he sits for SEVERAL minutes at a time!  HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!  {I should know that as soon as I reach that point of sheer frustration, he’ll show me that he can do it.  He does every time!}

In other news, Big D had his 9-month well check this week.  Here are the stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 11.5 oz (!!!!!!!!!)  Holy cow, he finally doubled his birth weight!!

Height: 26 in.

Head: 16 in.  (Why do they measure this anyway?!?)

He got four shots (one of them the 2nd round of the flu shot) and by evening was a feverish, fussy boy.  Translation: not much sleep!  {But at least now he’s all caught up on shots}

And from the pediatrician, “Here are some milestones that you should expect:” (these are for typically-developing kids)

  • May pull to standing position (check, holding onto parent’s hands)
  • Can partially finger feed (check)
  • Recognize food (oh yeah, major check!)
  • Comfort himself/herself (check, with help from thumb 1 and thumb 2)
  • Starts to crawl or creep (check, with assistance from mom – but he does the work)
  • May be afraid of strangers (oh darn, he’s not doing this!)
  • May have some night awakening due to separation anxiety (huh, not doing this either)

I LOVE THIS BOY!!  He is a rockstar and continually humbles me with everything he does.  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s hands-down the most squishable, kissable, loveable kid in the world!


  1. YAY!!! Be ever so proud of that boy! Sitting is a BIG Deal!!

  2. He's adorable! Good job little man.

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! It will be so nice to follow a Mama who has Ds and Crohn's in their life too. (One being MUCH better than the other, huh? :)) Happy to have found your cute blog! :)