Wednesday, March 9, 2011

32 Weeks and Counting

I had what may be my last appointment with my regular OB today (although we’re going to try to squeeze in at least one more appt…hopefully).  SAD day for sure!  I love Dr. Horsley and can’t believe I have to trust someone else to deliver this baby!  He is really the best doc. I’ve ever come across.  EVER!!  I know he genuinely cares (and it doesn’t hurt that he knows his stuff).  I’m pretty sure he’s not in his job for the money.

Anyway…things are as they should be.  I can’t believe it’s only 6-7 weeks until we get to meet this little guy!  I’m feeling pretty DONE with being pregnant, but will hang in there until it’s time.

I only have a million things swirling around in my head, so we’re doing pretty good.  And someday (soon!) we’re going to get those last few things done.  It might be the day he’s born, or maybe even the day after, but they WILL get done!  Afterall, we can’t bring him home without a carseat!

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