Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I’m a Complainer

I sounded a bit whiney in my post about the beginning of tax season.  I don’t feel bad at all that you all just rolled your eyes!

Really, it’s not so bad.  Tax season only lasts somewhere between 10-12 weeks.  And it’s not 24 hours a day.  I’m so incredibly lucky that I’ve never had to send my sweet husband off on a military deployment.  I can’t imagine saying good-bye for that long.  In fact, I am lucky enough that Jared only travels once a year for a few days (and I whine about that too).  And, while I sometimes feel like a single parent, I know I am far from it.  It makes me want to cry to even think about being the only parent – not having that physical presence there to relieve me when I’ve had it (which is more often than I’d care to admit), or that shoulder to cry on when I feel like a complete failure.

I know I am lucky to get my sweet hubby home for dinner most nights.  And waiting until 6:30 (which doesn’t happen often) is really not a big deal.  Did I really complain about that??

What I feel most blessed about, though, is that Jared CHOOSES to go to work very early in the morning so that he can be home and spend some time with all of us in the evenings.  He makes a conscious choice to put our family first.

Oh, and did I even mention how thankful I am that he has a job?!?  Of course not – I’m a complainer.

Really, I am truly blessed.  More than I deserve.

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